Who Is Edgar halog

The world is filled with preachers of the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. But instead of paving the way for man to hear the truth, it has lead the way to an even more confused world, as the Lord had warned will happen (Matthew 24:11-12).

The reason God gives us up to an unreceptive and dull mind is because of false understanding of the faith that Christ teaches (Romans 1:28). For if true faith already abounds, the world shall no longer be steeped in all kinds of wicked deeds.

Here I am to proclaim the good news that I have "heard" from the Lord Jesus Christ. Judge me if I am seeking my own glory, for if anyone desires to do the will of God, he shall know whether the words I speak come from God, or I speak of my own originality (John 7:17-18). 

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